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808 East Judge Perez Dr., Chalmette, LA 70043

This property is for sale with active lease.

Property Information

  • Building Exterior

    • Single (1) story concrete slab
    • 2,034 square foot building currently being occupied as a restaurant
    • Cinder block fire wall on right and rear sides of building with brick covered stucco on the front and vinyl siding on the left side of building
    • Composite, 30-year shingle roof installed in 2008
  • Building Interior

    • Ceramic tile flooring throughout building with red quarry tile in kitchen area
    • Painted sheetrock
    • 9' acoustic drop ceiling
    • Walk-in cooler with condensers remotely located on the roof rack
    • Complete hood system
    • Sprinklers: N/A
  • Property

    • Zoning: C-1
    • Occupant: Restaurant
    • Built: Approximately 1960
    • Renovated: 2008
    • Fire Station: 0.8 miles
    • 5,960 square foot lot
    • Parking spaces located in front of building
  • Adjacent Property Types

    • Left: Retail
    • Right: Lounge
    • Back: Residential
  • Survey

  • Map & Directions


From 1980 to 1998, this building was formerly the home of the very popular eatery, Tony’s Restaurant and Po-boys. Facing Judge Perez, this building allows for maximum exposure to the main artery servicing St. Bernard Parish. The lighted sign pole and other advertising space will illuminate drivers from both sides of the thoroughfare. The newly designed interior space will accommodate any style restaurant. With the building conveniently located in the center of St. Bernard Parish, it offers great convenience to all residents. Located only blocks from the newly renovated Chalmette High Schools, this building will benefit from the many faculty members.